The continually ambitious Weinstein Company has picked up North American distribution rights for an upcoming computer animated monster-comedy (that is a comedy about monters, not a very large comedy) from Exodus Film Group. Igor, as the film is currently called, is follows the haphazard adventures of a mad scientist's assistant who dreams of winning the Evil Science Fair. It builds upon a likewise upcoming animated short entitled Igor: Unholy Frijoles, starring such voice talent as Jay Leno, Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi, and John Cleese. Chris McKenna is scriptwriting, and no annoucement has been made regarding cast or crew at this time.

Hm. The Weinstein Co. seems pretty hot under the collar for computer animated properties these days, eh? I suppose that is to be expected, seeing as how the cost of production for such films has dropped so low, and they have a perfect built-in audience comprised of youngsters and their parents, who will jump at any movie with a PG rating. Let's hope this one is a little less...generic than, say, Hoodwinked and its ilk.

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