Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction – the long-delayed sequel to the over-the-top "erotic thriller" that made Sharon Stone a superstar – has been slapped with a "hard R" by the MPAA. It's a victory for director Michael Caton-Jones, whose first cut originally earned an NC-17. According to the ever-reliable Lloyd Grove, the MPAA objected to "some scorching orgy scenes" – which sort of begs the question: "What kind of script makes room for orgy scenes, plural?" Though, as Martha reported on Monday, Stone is apparently interested in stretching her acting muscle elsewhere, Basic Instinct 2 is about proving a different kind of stretch is still well within her repertoire: the 47-year-old Stone reportedly refused to use a body double in any of the film's sex scenes. According to an on-looker who spoke to Grove, the aging looker has nothing to worry about: "Believe me, she's still hot."
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