We - ok, I - have been posting a lot about Russian horror/sci-fi/vampire flick Night Watch in the buildup to its American release, and the feedback from readers who have seen it has been decidedly mixed. Some thought it was poorly-plotted, and hampered by bad effects, while others were blown away by the film's creativity and visual style. One thing, however, is inarguable: the North American trailer is incredible. Whether it's a clever way of advertising an average movie or a teaser for a movie that's just as good as it looks, the trailer is beautifully done: thrilling, creepy, and just weird enough to leave you willing to spend $10 to discover what the hell it's all about. (Plus, it's now in HD, so it's even more visually impressive, if that's possible.)

Though the release date for Night Watch has changed several times, it's currently expected to go into limited release on February 17.

[via Twitch]
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