Entertainment Weekly has a Sundance Q&A with Kevin Smith up. In it, Smith discusses how Sundance director Geoff Gilmore pretty much guaranteed Clerks 2 a slot at Sundance (how many filmmakers would love to have that kind of in to Sundance?), but Harvey Weinstein turned the offer down cold in favor of debuting the film at Cannes instead. Smith talks in the piece about how he would have preferred to debut Clerks 2 at Sundance, since he got his start as a filmmaker after debuting Clerks there way back in 1994 (1994? Really? God, I feel old now).

I'm not sure how I feel about this move, actually. Smith says he trusts Weinstein knows what he's doing, but really -- wouldn't it seem to make a lot more sense to debut the follow-up to Clerks at Sundance? I'm not just saying that because I would have been able to see it there, either, although I wouldn't have complained about that. Smith fans, what do you think about Weinstein snubbing a Sundance offer for Clerks 2? Brilliant marketing move guaranteed to have the worlds' eye on the film at Cannes? Or major misstep by Weinstein?

[ via News Askew ]