Wong Kar-Wai, the incredibly talented Hong Kong director who will be chairing this year's Cannes jury, has reportedly decided to do a little work on this side of the Atlantic as well. According to a Hong Kong newspaper, Wong plans to make a movie - in English, presumably - about Hurricane Katrina; the film will be based on "moving" events that actually occurred during the storm and her aftermath. Additionally, Wong appears to have at least spoken with Adrien Brody about starring in the film, though the actor won't formally accept a role until he sees a completed script. Oddly, Wong's project would be shot in New York City, because his scouts felt that the damage in New Orleans was "too severe" to shoot there. Jeez, someone better tell the crew making Deja Vu to get out while there's still time!

While news of anything new from Wong is cause for great excitement, the fact that Brody won't move on the project until he gets a completed script is a bad sign for his involvement - I mean, when was the last time Wong finished a script before he started shooting? Has he ever done that?
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