Matt Lucas, who appears on the TV series Little Britain, has apparently snagged the role of a young Alfred Hitchcock for a film that also stars Ewan McGregor. Not much is being said about the project right now, except that it will chronicle Hitchcock's early years as a ballerina instructor. Okay, he wasn't a ballerina instructor, but how funny would that have been?

Seriously though, Lucas will play the young Hitchcock, presumably right around the time he fell in love with filmmaking. Is it me, or does this guy Lucas look like he was born to play the famous Oscar-less director? Landing the role also means his TV series may be coming to an end...and that appears to have a lot of people upset. I've never watched Little Britain (a comedy sketch show that pokes fun at the British Isles), so I can't comment on whether or not the series ending would be a good or bad thing.

I'm not so familiar with Hitchcock's early life, but according to his IMDB profile, it doesn't seem terribly exciting...although his parents did have a weird way of punishing the young boy. One such story has Hitchock's father handing him a note and instructing him to go down to the police station with it. Upon reading the note, the officers locked the boy up and told him that this was what happened to people when they do bad things. Not surprisingly, the kid feared police from that day forward and actually wanted to inscribe his tombstone with, "This is what we do to bad little boys." So, obviously, there are some issues to be explored.


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