In a post here, I once off-handedly described Craig Brewer's Black Snake Moan as a "potentially explosive" project. Having read the new, short interview with Brewer over at Blackfilm, though, I think it's time to remove the first word from that description. For those of you not aware of the project, it's a story about a young nymphomaniac (Christina Ricci) who has to be "cured" by an older bluesman (Lazarus, played by Samuel L. Jackson). Yeah, that's right. Cover your eyes, far right: nymphomania is coming to the mainstream - and not as comic relief.

Brewer's approach to the project (which he wrote and will direct) is fascinating and, if it works, could result in a film of real depth and complexity. According to the director, his goal is to take "some of the most [stereotypically] sexual and racially charged imagery" and address it with a seriousness that reveals the issues beneath the surface (both of the movie and of our assumptions). In the movie, Lazarus finds Ricci's character essentially on the side of the road, and takes her home to "protect her" from being sexually used by the town. Says Brewer, "Even though you think he has these good intentions in doing what he wants to do, he still wants to control the woman...His woman just left him and he's feeling a little bit...angry and he wants to tell some little run around switch that you can't be doing that shit."

Given the people involved, this movie's got a chance to be something special. Brewer better hope it is, because if the seriousness and sincereity he's hoping for don't come across, it'll just turn into bizarre, vaguely offensive disaster.

[via JoBlo]
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