If a superhero movie knows what's good for it, it'll use the internet, augmented by loose-lipped stars, to create massive buzz with very little effort. Take, for example, Spider-Man 3: loads of speculation about villains, casts, and plot. Then, Kirsten Dunst "slips" and tells all, which only raised the level of discussion to a fever pitch. See? It's free publicity! So, after having watched the Spider-Man baddies drama, someone doing casting for Fantastic Four 2 seems to be trying to replicate it - either that, or they're a little unclear on the concept of how buzz actually works and have ruined everything.

You see, a very vague Fantastic Four 2 casting notice just went up - topped by the obviously counterproductive heading, "PLEASE DON'T REPOST IN FORUMS" - alerting actors to the fact that "Casting is now in process [for the movie and] we are looking for many different 'TYPES.'" Useless and boring, I know. But the last sentence of the posting says this: "The Fantastic Four will battle Silver Surfer and his planet-eating master Galactus." WHA?

What are the odds that's going to be the real plot? If it is, some moron in casting is going to get the gate, pronto, for eliminated months of internet speculation fodder in one fell swoop. If, however, it's actually a cleverly-placed bit of misdirection, a punk in marketing just might get himself a promotion out of this one. After all, if the "accidental reveal" is really just an outright lie, the movie got itself a whole lot of pre-buzz buzz, for the price of a three line casting call.
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