Fans of the horror-thriller genre have expressed general interest (if not out and out excitement) for the upcoming addition to the Final Destination franchise opening later this month. Excitement and enjoyment seemed to be the reaction of early test audiences, as well...until the final scene. Apparently, the closing scene of the flick tested so poorly that director James Wong scrapped the sucker and went back to the drawing board.

According to Wong, "the moment that the movie ended, you actually ... heard a couple of people go, 'Oh.' Like that. And you know, that's no good." Wong also said that he and his team were slightly worried about the ending even during the editing process, and thus had no problem accepting the audience reaction and making some changes. Wong spoke very highly of the New Line people behind the film, saying they were "great" about having to rework the ending. They gave him full resources on what apparently turned into a rather pricey reshoot.

I think Wong is right (I know, that pun makes me want to kick my own throat, if such a thing were possible) on this decision, and I doubt very many people would argue with me on that. I mean...this is why we have test audiences and whatnot, correct? There certainly is a time and place for a creator to hold on to his vision, even if he feels the general public won't understand or agree with his decision, but I think it's pretty clear here that Wong was already dissatisfied with the scene, and wasn't compromising anything he held dear for the sake of a buck. Thoughts?

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