By now it's old news that the Iron Man project is once again on the front burner, as pre-production has began anew on the long awaited (at least by Marvel fans) silver screen headliner for the popular Avenger. In a recent blurb on MTV news, Nick Cassavetes (the director attached to the film) shared a bit of his thoughts on the project - particularly regarding Iron Man's costume. Fans have vocally worried about the rumored possibilties of a modernized revamp to the classic Iron Man stylings, since Marvel characters have been known to change a bit when going from page to screen. In answer to these queries, Nick adamently supported the traditional Iron Man look, saying "diehard fans' hopes that the character's costume will stay classic rather than go state-of-the-art is a 'smart idea,' adding that, "[It will be] more mechanical than high-tech — that's the way to go on that." He also added as a side note that no actor has yet been cast, for the title role or otherwise.

All I really have to say to this is a solid "amen." I love the traditional Iron Man look, and I think it would have been a great disappointment had they chosen to drastically alter the character.  At any rate, I'm certainly looking forward to Tony Stark on the big screen. Anyone have a thought as to who would make a good fit for the character?

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