While the search continues for James Bond's leading lady in Casino Royale (even though filming has already begun), one unlikely candidate may have just stepped up to the plate. Lee Tamahori, who directed Die Another Day, was arrested on January 8th on prostitution charges. Apparently, Tamahori was dressed as a woman when he solicited sex from an undercover police officer.

Tamahori, who also directed XXX: State of the Union, Along Came a Spider and Mulholland Falls, could spend up to 6 months in jail and face a $1000 fine if convicted. Seeing as Mark Geragos (Michael Jackson, anyone?) is his attorney, I'd expect Tamahori's excuse to fall into the "They said they needed a Bond girl...and fast" category. Okay, I know I'm joking around here and all, but we really do have a serious problem on our hands. I mean, why on earth are famous Hollywood types (Hugh Grant?) so cheap when it comes to their prostitutes? Perhaps someone should call Oprah. We, as a community, demand an answer.

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