Looks like our friend Indiana Jones may have a bit of a crush on a dame named Virginia Madsen. Oh, I bet you thought I meant Michael Madsen, huh? Makes one wonder, when you hear the name Madsen, which of the two do you think of first - Virginia or Michael? Personally, I go with Virginia...because she's hotter.

Anyway, while promoting the crap out of his new film Firewall, Harrison Ford had some very nice things to say about Madsen, who plays his on screen wife in the film. "She was an absolute delight - professional, very talented and simply, very sweet." Okay, we get it - you have to kiss her ass a little in order to get folks to watch your movie - but what about Indy 4? "She also took what could have been a fairly one-dimensional damsel in distress role and added so many layers to it - there isn't many who could do that." Actually, there are many who could do that - but what about Indy 4!?

"I'd work with her again. I'm actually hoping she'll come over for Indiana Jones. We've talked about it." Yes! Finally! So if Madsen lands a role alongside Indy, who would she play? A wife? A mistress? An evil wife/mistress? Either way, we know she'd play a love interest of sorts. I mean, c'mon - Indy digs those blondes. Don't we all?

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