So I'm reading through an interview with George Clooney over on AICN, when he divulged some very interesting information. As Martha reported recently, the Coenbrothers are working on Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men as their next project. The film, a sort of Western noir about a man who stumbles upon bodies, heroin and a ton of cash while hunting, reportedly has Tommy Lee Jones (who's always reminded me of a more straight-edge Billy Bob Thornton) and Javier Bardem in talks to star.

Okay, great - but then why the hell is Clooney telling AICN that he's shooting a film with the Coen's this Spring? When asked about his collaboration with the brothers, Clooney replied, "I'm going to be doing another film with them probably in the Spring. It's called Burn After Reading. It's really fun, really funny." Say what? Could Clooney and the Coen's be shooting a film in the next couple of months that none of us had any idea even existed?

I know, way back when, they were all in talks to work on Suburbicon, and that Clooney was going to take over as director of the project...but something tells me this isn't the same film. If any of our loyal Cinematical readers has any info regarding Burn After Reading, please let us know in the comments.

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