What do you get when you combine the director of Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess) and the writer of School of Rock (Mike White)? Well, you get a quirky character comedy about a Mexican wrestler starring Jack Black. Wait, Jack Black is Mexican? Um, no, but he seems to play it pretty well.

AICN has an exclusive internet only trailer for Nacho Libre, which means absolutely nothing except that anyone who clicks on the internet can watch it. And that's everyone. Crazy. In the film, Black plays a man raised in a monastery (now its cook) who dons a very unflattering outfit and joins a Luca Libre tournament in order to help save his house of God from its financial woes.

Not surprisingly, the film definitely has that Napoleon Dymamite feel, complete with a funny looking leader and his wimpy associates, set against a colorful backdrop and catchy one-liners. However (and I assume Mike White had something to do with this), the film appears to have a more clear-cut story and a lot more heart. That's not to say Dynamite didn't have any heart...it did. But, ya know, I can have my opinion too. God!