Richard Burton may have died in 1984, but he's still getting better roles than many living actors. The stage and screen actor will play the narrator in the upcoming stage adaptation of Jeff Wayne's album War of the Worlds. The 1978 album was a musical version of the H.G. Wells novel. The stage musical will tour the UK in April. Don't worry, Tom Cruise is not involved in any way.

How is it possible for the late Burton to appear in a live stage production? He voiced the narrator on the 1978 album, so the producers will use the album's recording of his part in the stage musical. Burton will be represented visually onstage by a 3-D image of himself, which will be integrated with the recording so that the image appears to be speaking. I hope he is more successful than Laurence Olivier was in the 2004 film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
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