George Gittoes is an Australian artist with a history of travelling to war zones in search of inspiration for his work. Most recently, he spent time in Iraq, and ended up making a pair of films about American soldiers and their relationships with music. The first, Soundtrack to War, aired on American television, and has been seen on networks around the world. Production house Stone Village was impressed enough by the film and Gittoes' later work, Rampage, to buy the rights to both of them, with the idea of building a feature around a solider couple profiled in the works.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone Village is so interested in the couple - who, in addition to being soldiers, are both hip-hop performers - that they also purchased the rights to the pair's lives. Wow - talk about surreal. One day you're in the middle of the desert, talking to some weird, bearded Aussie about music, and the next a Hollywood studio is calling, asking to buy your life.

The feature, tentatively titled Palace to the End, will be co-produced by Gittoes.
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