After months and months of buildup to its multi-platform release, Steven Soderbergh's Bubble opened in 32 theaters. And, on that all-important, buzz-filled first weekend, it made just $70,664. Ouch. Though of course Mark Cuban, whose 2929 Entertainment is behind the DVD/HD/theater release technique, tried to convince anyone who would listen that the low returns were of little consequence, theater owners clearly felt otherwise. In fact, they were so sure that the $70,664 spelled disaster for the entire simultaneous release concept that they actually released a public statement, crowing over the movie's failure. Yeah, that's classy. John Fithian, president of the National Association of Theater Owners, just wanted to make sure everyone knew that "the movie has performed very poorly," even with all of the free publicity granted it by the press. In other words, "Suck it, Cuban!"