Fox Searchlight, the company that will be distributing Night Watch in the US starting later this month, is facing some rather substantial challenges in tracking down an audience for the film, a massive hit in its native Russia. According to an article in the New York Times, the film's story is very difficult to follow for viewers who haven't read the book on which it's based - and then there are those pesky subtitles. Instead of throwing in the towel and just dubbing the film into English, Stephen Gilula, Fox Searchlight's head of distribution, has elected to turn reading subtitles into what he calls "an interactive experience."

Thanks to Gilula, instead of just your normal, everyday, yellow subtitles, Americans who see Night Watch will be faced with words that "change color and position on the screen, simulate dripping blood, stutter in emulation of a fearful query, or dissolve into red vapor to emulate a character's gasping breaths." Uh...ok. So, the movie is confusing to start with, and now the subtitles are going to running all over the damn screen, changing colors and dissolving? Dear God no.
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