Like a handful of other studios, Pixar has revealed its big Super Bowl spot - an ad for Cars - a bit ahead of its appearance during the game. Though the always-enthusiastic folks at AICN have labeled the teaser the film's "best preview yet," I have to say that I beg to differ. If anything, it leaves me even more worried about the movie.

To this point, I've loved every single thing Pixar has done, so I'm really trying to reserve judgement on Cars. That said, though, it's getting harder and harder for me to stay hopeful. Pixar's films have always been uncommonly witty, endearing, and I daresay magical. But Cars? From everything the studio has shown us so far, it looks dumb, obvious, and totally lacking in the charm that has been such a key element of every other Pixar production. So what the hell is going on? And can some reassure me, please? Anyone? Bueller?
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