Todd at Twitch does a great job of tracking down new foreign animation that those of us in the US would rarely otherwise get a chance to see. A few months ago, he dug up an amazing trailer for a French film called Renaissance, a sci-fi feature from first-time director Christian Volckman. The film is in black and white, and is set in Paris in 2054; though I speak zero French and therefore have no earthly idea what's going on in the movie, that trailer - as well as a new one that just emerged - is hypnotically gorgeous.

The animation reminds me both of Sin City and the rotoscope technique that Richard Linklater used for A Scanner Darkly, but there's a lovely minimalism to it as well - it's definitely miles from any of the animation we're seeing in this country right now. The movie's due out in France on March 15, so tell all of your French friends to buy dozens and dozens of tickets. Otherwise, we've got no chance of ever seeing it over here.
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