Spider-Man 3 continues to draw nearer, and as it does, the list of actors filling out the cast has slowly begun to finalize. Today's update comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that prolific James Cromwell has signed on to an role of undisclosed size as police Captain Stacy, father of Spider-Man love interest (at least in the comic books) Gwen Stacy.

True Believers will remember Captain Stacy primarly for his death, which occoured during a fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus and created a serious rift in the Gwen-Peter relationship, driving her away for quite some time. How this will all be resolved in the movie is as yet unclear, due to the timeline difference between the comic book and the movie versions of the story. If you are not a Marvel buff, see my earlier Gwen Stacy post for more details. As far as the casting goes, it works for me. I think Cromwell is a talented guy and will put in a solid preformance.

[via sci-fi wire]

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