In an article for USA Today,Kevin Smith reveals a few somewhat guarded plot details regarding Clerks 2, as well as hints around at the fact that the film may go unrated due to it being incredibly raunchy. This shouldn't exactly be explosive information seeing as, back in 1994, the original Clerks was given an NC-17 rating before it was appealed and brought down to an R.

Apparently it's so bad that, according to the article, "one scene is sure to challenge the squeamishness of even the most ardent gross-out comedy fan." Smith picks up the Clerk's story 10 years after first meeting the foul-mouthed crew in black and white, only to find out they're all doing the same exact thing. However, problems arise and force our heroes, Dante and Randal, out of their comfort zone (The Quick Stop and RST Video) and into jobs at the fast-food place, Mooby's. While the move does wonders for Dante, Randal remains closed up and bitter.

What about Jay and Silent Bob? Well, it's interesting to note that the two of them will be clean and sober this time around. See, I guess some people do grow up eventually. With the kind of stuff showing up on DVD these days, does it even matter that Clerks 2 may or may not go unrated upon its release?

[via JoBlo]

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