According to VinXperience (Please God, one day let me have a website dedicated to me with the world Xperience included somewhere within), Vin Diesel will star in the big budget futuristic sci-fi action-packed thriller, Babylon A.D. Directed by Matthieu Kassovitz from his own script, the story was inspired by the Maurice Dantec novel Babylon Babies and surrounds genetic manipulation.

Diesel will play a mercenary who must transport a woman from Russia to Canda, then learns there's some crazy virus inside her that could screw the entire human race. Sometimes I feel that way after eating Taco Bell, so I can totally relate. Budgeted at $60 million, the film was originally supposed to star Kassovitz's long-time collaborater Vincent Cassel, however he's been replaced by Diesel...for obvious reasons (Hint: An extra $30 million or more to the box office). Fox will get the domestic rights and outside Europe while Canal Plus will distribute within Europe. Filming begins in June. Anyone read the book and really looking forward to this? I'm not the biggest Vin Diesel fan in the world, so I'm going to need a bunch more reasons to go see this.

Next up for Diesel will be the Sidney Lumet directed Find Me Guilty, of which a trailer is available through VinXperience as well.

[via Coming Soon]

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