RatatouilleNow that the whole "I hate you, you hate me" venom has been cleared up between Disney and Pixar - with the former slurping up the latter for a pretty penny - it seems that the newly-crafted Frankenstein of animation is coming out with fresh news for fans every week. Today brings word that Disney has announced that Ratatouille, a planned Pixar flick about a rat who lives in a French restaurant, will release in Summer 2007, which will have it premiering a couple months after the late-spring release of Spider-Man 3Everybody Loves Raymond's Brad Garrett will voice the chef who runs the restaurant.

The real question, of course, is when we're going to see a sequel to The Incredibles. No, you can't improve upon a classic.  But I sure wouldn't mind seeing Brad Bird and team crank out another compelling tale of the Parr family. This would be a welcome follow-up announcement to the news that Toy Story 3 was unceremoniously dropped from Disney's production schedule. (Can't you just picture John Lasseter begging Jobs to sell the company to the House of Mouse for no other reason than to cancel that film?)
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