SXSW released its complete list of features for the 2006 film festival today. It's a long, varied list and a little intimidating to absorb all at once. Depending on what type of films you want to see, you can look at the list in several ways:

The SXSW regular
: "I see Joe Swanberg has a movie at SouthBy again this year (LOL), as do Jacob Vaughan and Bryan Poyser (The Cassidy Kids). Be nice to see them all again. Bradley Beesley is back, too, co-directing the documentary Summercamp with Sarah Price. Do you think the documentary Fuck is just a riff on The Aristocrats?"

The all-star premiere fan: "Ooooh, Hugh Grant And Dennis Quaid in American Dreamz, Kim Basinger and Danny DeVito in Even Money, Ben Stiller in Andy Dick's film Danny Roane: First Time Director, and Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. How early should we get in line at the Paramount to see A Prairie Home Companion and Friends with Money?"

The arthouse film geek
: "Can't miss the Wim Wenders film (Don't Come Knocking) and the Jonathan Demme documentary about Neil Young. Look, Richard E. Grant is directing a movie (Wah-Wah) that stars Gabriel Byrne. And it's a great chance to see some movies we missed at Sundance: Old Joy, Thank You for Smoking, Forgiving the Franklins, Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That, and Kinky Boots."

Me: "Wow, look at all the cool documentaries. How many movies can I see in ten days?"