George ClooneySo...what did you do this weekend? If you lived in Seattle, you likely spent it at a friend's house or in a local bar, filling your Sunday evening with many tears and much gnashing of teeth. (Of course, if you're the kind of geek who reads Cinematical daily, you likely spent your Sunday evening finding those people and reveling in schadenfreude. I'm just saying.) If you were George Clooney, however, you spent the weekend in Santa Barbara, California, where you picked up an award recognizing you as a Modern Master of film. Clooney is no stranger to the Santa Barbara Film Fest, having premiered his directorial debut, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, at the festival. Clooney, looking all de-Syriana-ed (yes, that is a word) was his usual charming and self-deprecating self in his appearance, claiming that he didn't think he was "brave" for making films like Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck. The film polyglot is quoted as saying, "I'm terrified of not making films like these, and that's the truth. I'm afraid of waking up at 70 years old and saying, 'I'm Batman again'."

Funny, George, but we have the exact same nightma - er, dream. Here's to more directorial and acting success for long as he leaves the tights to Christian Bale.
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