Phoebe Eaton really knows how to keep her eyes peeled whilst wandering through the offices of movie moguls. The two immediate takeaways from her recent profile of the Weinstein Brothers for New York Magazine: Harvey works underneath a poster advertising Hell'sAngels, Howard Hughes' legendary helium balloon, at a desk crowned with a copy of the "unknown story" of Chairman Mao. "I don’t believe Mao was totally the monster they’re making him out to be,” Harvey tells Eaton. “There must have been some charm or else who would follow this guy?"

It's a looong profile, so I've ennumerated some other highlights after the jump. Here's one more tidbit to tide you over: when asked about the rumored "New Harvey", the mogul responds:

“I’m done. I’m a nonsmoker. It’s over,” he says, adding under his breath, “and I’m a Scientologist.”

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