We had intended to cover Slamdance - you know, that other film festival tucked away in the bowels of Sundance - during our 12 sleep-deprived days in Park City. Really, we did. I had my credentials info all together, ready to take to the Slamdance office to get my press pass and everything. And then somewhere in between Man Push Cart and Quinceañera, we just ran out of time and energy. But never fear, dear readers.

Culturepulp's Mike Russell not only covered Slamdance, he drew cartoons about it! And just like you, we love to get our film festival breakdown through cartoons - after all, how many whining essays on how Sundance has really gone downhill in the last 20 years, and how bad the parking sucks, and how jam-packed it is, can you really stand to read? Mike saw 16 films in a few days, fueled by sleep deprivation and altitude sickness  (so keep that in mind when you read his capsule reviews, eh?), and he's documented all of it. So pop on over and enjoy his take on this year's Slamdance films and parties. It's almost like being there, only without the free beer and sushi.

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