Joss Whedon'sBuffy fans have been teased and tantalized lately with persistent rumors of a return to the Buffyverse, most likely in the form of spin-off movies. Such movies would either be made for TV or direct-to-DVD, and would focus around "supporting" characters from the original series. Among the most popular characters for a rumored starring movie role (probably the second most desired after Spike) is Alyson Hannigan's Willow. Her name has been mentioned several times in connection with these rumors, but Alyson has said recently that she doesn't expect any action on this front. She says he has heard the rumors like everyone else, but seriously doubts that Joss would have the time to work on such a project - and she would not want to be involved if Joss wasn't in control, saying "I'm sure he would get great people, but there's nothing like the Joss touch." According to Alyson, if a movie would ever happen, a Spike title film would be the natural first step anyway, not Willow.

Hey, look at that...Joss Whedon is mortal after all, and is apparently bound by some form of time constraints, even if they are thrice the capacity of a normal human. I think Alyson is very wise in suggesting that a movie without Joss in control would lack whatever magic the series contained; and she's probably also right in suggesting that a Spike film would come first anyway. Thoughts, Whedonites?

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