Before I even begin to delve into this post, I sincerely have to warn you (or anyone else in the room) that the trailer (or promo reel) attached is not at all censored. Since we're talking Basic Instinct 2 here, this means there's a plethora of naked activity taking place. Just so you're warned.

In saying that, some sort of trailer-ish promo reel for Sharon Stone's upcoming "I'm still really hot" audition, Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addition has hit the online. As Karina told us previously, the MPAA has slapped a "hard R" on this puppy, and judging from the trailer, someone was feeling quite generous. Oh yes - this one looks nasty folks.

In the film, Stone reprises the role that "made her", novelist Catherine Tramell. Once again, she gets all mixed up with the law and, subsequently, Scotland Yard appoints a psychiatrist to evaluate her. But like all the men that came before him, there's just something about Stone that drives a guy to the Kama Sutra section of Barnes and Nobles. We'll have to see for ourselves whether this one belongs in the theaters or on Cinemax at two in the morning when it hits the streets on March 31st.