Al Lewis was so well-remembered for his role as Grandpa on The Munsters that when he campaigned for the office of governor of New York in 1998, he petitioned (unsuccessfully) to have his name appear as "Grandpa Al Lewis" on the ballot. However, he had a long career of other character roles in both TV and film; his filmography includes The World of Henry Orient, Used Cars, and Married to the Mob. And let's not forget that the Munsters weren't confined to TV but had a theatrically released film in 1966, Munster Go Home.

Lewis died on Friday after years of failing health. His age appears to be under dispute: his son was quoted on Saturday as saying that Lewis was born in 1923 and was 82, but other sources report that he was born in 1910 and was 95. Whatever his age, he had a long and varied career. Although I had heard about his political career, I had no idea that "Grandpa Munster" had a PhD in child psychology, had worked as a basketball talent scout, and ran a restaurant.
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