According to Sky News, George Clooney is hoping to bring Danny Ocean and friends to television. Well, sort of. Clooney would produce the show, which he sees as a 13-episode series, but would not actually appear in it. Since said show would presumably be named after his character, it's a little unclear how such a thing would work - maybe Ocean would be a sort of Charlie to his 11 or 12 angels, grandly telling them what to do but never showing up to get his hands dirty. What makes the whole thing sound even more odd is that Clooney himself seems to think of it as just a huge gimmick. Though he offers hardly any details on the series, he is careful to mention that Ocean's, the TV Show will "feature all kinds of guest stars."

Is this good news? I mean, the escapism of the movies is fun, but every week, as a vehicle for celebrity guest stars? Plus, how many people from the movies will bother to show up? I'm guessing Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle might have some other commitments. I cringe when I say this, but this show is starting to sound uncomfortably like late-seasons Will & Grace, except with a bigger, slightly less gay cast.
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