For its first feature, Kamala Films has selected Anamorph, a thriller with a plot that sounds pretty much like one of any 12 episodes of SVU, except with a killer instead of a rapist (which, I hasten to add, is not necessarily a bad thing). The movie is about a detective who, after five years away from the job, returns with the requisite rookie partner only to find that a serial killer with whom he was once obsessed may be back in action. Willem Dafoe will be on hand to make the detective the creepiest man in the movie, and Scott Speedman - Felicity's favorite vampire-werewolf hybrid - has just signed on to play his partner. Also recently added to the cast were Peter Stormare (as an art gallery owner) and Clea DuVall, who will play the (also requisite) troubled woman befriended by DeFoe's character.

The movie, which has a fairly small budget of less than $15 million, is currently filming in New York and hopes to finish principle photography by the end of March.
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