Dude, this one is so totally bunk. While some view a Woodstock-type setting as the perfect place to bathe in mud and consume as many different drugs as possible, David Arquette sees it as the perfect spot for a balls-to-the-wall horror flick. The Scream alum has been tapped to make his directorial debut with The Tripper, off a script written by Arquette and Joe Harris.

Pic surrounds a group of friends who travel to a modern-day Woodstock-ish concert, only to be stalked by some sicko who's out to finish what he started years earlier. Damn, talk about a serious buzz kill. Arquette and his lovely wife, Courtney Cox, are both said to be making cameos alongside a cast that includes Jamie King, Thomas Jane, Jason Mewes, Lukas Haas, Paul Reubens and Balthazar Getty.

With shooting set to take place this month, I'm wondering how a post-rehab Jason Mewes is going to handle this type of drug-induced environment. Oh, and since Woodstock is known for its blatant naked drum circles, which Pee Wee Herman do you think will show up?

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