In 1992, horror writer/director Clive Barker published a book called the The Thief of Always, a "juvenile dark fantasy novel" about a bored 10-year-old. The boy succumbs to the invitation of "a rather repulsive and mysterious creature named Rictus" who appears in his bedroom and "invites him...[to Holiday House] where there will be endless fun," and, weirdly, all four seasons pass in each day. Not unexpectedly, the boy's initial joy in a place where all of his wishes seem to come true eventually takes a darker turn.

Now, thanks to 20th Century Fox and Shrek 2 co-director Kelly Asbury, the story will be coming to the big screen. Asbury began writing the screenplay after a casual request from Barker last year when the two were thrown together at an author's festival; he will be directing from his own script. The director, who has written several children's books of his own and has a respected background in animation, will be making his live-action debut with the film, though it will be enhanced by CGI elements.
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