Who could resist a movie called Untitled Air Guitar Project? I know - you'd think most humans could. Sadly for all of us, however, that group does not include the acquisitions people at Dreamworks, because they just bought the movie. Steven Brill, whose resume includes such landmarks as Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, and Without a Paddle, will direct from a screenplay by Jay Martell and Ian Roberts. The script is a "broad comedy" (that's a surprise) that draws on an oddly copious pool of air guitar sources. Among them are a documentary about the exciting world of pretending to play guitar, and a forthcoming memoir about life in said world by fake guitar king Dan "Bjorn Turoque" Crane, whose moving rendition of Journey's Don't Stop Believin' is available at his website.

The people at Dreamworks are apparently over the moon about this one. Have they not seen any of Brill's movies?
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