We're the Millers, which sounds like a pretty funny movie no matter who it stars, is undergoing a lead transplant. Will Arnett originally signed on to play the main character, a drug dealer who has a birthday revelation that he wants to leave the business. But because no one who is leaving a life of crime can leave well enough alone, the man decides he has to make one last score; said score involves a trip to Mexico, a fake family (that's the Millers), and 1400 pounds of weed. As a special bonus, the movie was written by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher which, since their only other work together produced Wedding Crashers, is pretty damn encouraging.

Frustratingly, though, Arnett has some sort of scheduling issues, and has had to leave the movie. (Boo to that.) Replacing him will be another weird skinny dude: Steve Buscemi is in final negotiations to join the cast. While it's undeniable that Buscemi is truly gifted when it comes to playing annoyed guys whose plans are just not working out the way they should, I still wish we'd never heard about the Arnett thing - I mean, how funny would he have been?
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