In a move that seems somehow appropriate, Sean Penn honored his brother's memory last weekend by confronting a photographer. Penn and his fellow macho man Mark Ruffalo are reported to have "got[ten] into a scuffle" with a photographer who was taking pictures at Chris Penn's funeral over the weekend. Apart from the fact that Ruffalo took the memory card out of the man's camera, details on the incident are few and far between. However, since The Guardian says that the photographer is the one who "disrupted" the funeral, it's safe to assume that Penn and his wingman will be portrayed as selflessly trying to protect the memory of the departed. God only knows what really happened.

In other news that involves hitting people, Joe Pesci is alleged to have also slugged a man who happened to be holding a camera, albeit nowhere near the Penn funeral. Apparently things in the Pesci case are a bit more serious, because he's been questioned by police about the incident - the actor could be charged with misdemeanor battery if the cops decide there's merit to his (alleged) victim's case.

Note to Pesci: next time you want to kick someone's ass for taking a picture of you, make sure there's a casket near by. If there is, you're home free.
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