It just wouldn't be right to start a new week without at least a few updates on the ever turning Batman rumor mill. Today's update comes to us courtesy of SuperHeroHype, who landed themselves a tip from an insider named Alexander. Our buddy Alex claims to be serving as a grip on the set of Begins reunion flick The Prestige. According to Al (whose name keeps getting shorter each time I refer to him), director Chris Nolan and actors Bale and Caine get together every lunch break for what the rest of the cast/crew calls "the Batman meetings." Apparently, the three sit around in their own private tent and discuss the early plans for the sequel, while Big A and company are supposed to keep away, but of course find "ways to sneak by." Here is what our man has overheard:  I would just like to point out I have heard the names Paul Bettany followed by Joker and Jake Gyllenhaal followed by Dent.

Nothing particularly new there, at least in terms of names that have popped up on the radar previously. However, if Alexander is who he claims he is and heard what he says he heard, it would seem to lend a bit more legitimacy to the popular rumors. I myself would be pleased by both castings - but also wouldn't be painfully disappointed if they didn't pan out. Thoughts?

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