The news last week that the Strangers with Candy movie would actually be hitting theaters (someday) sent the show's small-but-passionate fanbase into a frenzy, but a few details were missing. Like, say, who the hell was going to do the releasing, and when we could actually expect to see the movie on the big screen. Today, grasshopper, all has been revealed, and it's Thinkfilm that awaits your cards, letters, and gifts of thanks.

Having already cleared up the rights issues that caused the film to languish after Warner Independent Pictures acquired it at last year's Sundance Film Festival, Thinkfilm plans to have the movie in theaters this summer in "exclusive engagements" (translation: very limited release). The distributor is assuring the film's fans that no changes were made to it during the year at Warner's, and that they look forward to a summer of "gleefully promoting" the movie. Start the countdown today, kids: it's on.