By now, we all know the actors who have been cast to play the baddies in the third installment of Marvel's fantastically popular Spider-Man film franchise. Conventional wisdom has also held that we know what villains they will be portraying, as well. Fans were prepping themselves to see Sandman and Venom - and in the meantime a controversy has started brewing. At the forefront, unsurprisingly, is AICN's Harry, who has insider tip info describing the costuming work for Venom. You can read that all here. However, Harry also notes a bit of news surfacing over at Counting Down, where a different tipster is telling a different story. According to CD's source, the costume development for "Venom" is in fact only for Spidey himself - as all True Believers know that Parker did in fact wear the alien-symiote suit. Topher will, according to this news, be taking on the role of Electro. Film three will serve as a setup for the Venom saga which will hit in full force in the 4th installation.

 Well, the tipster who sticks by the Venom story sounds far more intelligent and believable. However, it does create a bit of a stir and it is worth reading both sides, if for no other reason than the thought of Grace as Electro is pretty appealing no matter how incorrect it may be. Anyone out there in reader land have some insights or opinions to offer?

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