Today's fantasy book turned into hopeful movie gold story is brought to you by proud Narnia parents Walden Media, in a team-up effort with Beacon Pictures and Revolution Studios. These parties no doubt hope to parlay another Narnia-esque success out of their newest British children's fantasy novel acquisition, The Water Horse, written by Dick King-Smith. Robert Nelson Jacobs will be adapting the story into a screenplay, and Jay Russell has been tapped to direct, with filming set to begin this May in the popular fantasy landscape of New Zealand.

Russell has been chasing this project for five years, apparently, and says that he hopes to keep the tone of the film more "realistic" than "fantastical." This would prove to be an impressive trick, given that the story is all about a boy who finds a mystery egg and hatches it into a mythical Scottish sea monster. He'll be helped along in his quest for realism by Weta Workshop, a digital animation studio which worked on both King Kong (the new one, of course) and Narnia (also, technically, the new one).

I have nothing left to say about British children's fantasy being turned into movies. I've had to write about it too many times, and I've spent my thoughts; so since I know nothing about the book, I'll refrain from commenting in general. If anyone out there in readerland can fill us in on the value of this book, please do

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