Wayne Wang's resume is really weird. On one hand, he's a respected, independent director who has given us little gems like Smoke, and the improvised Blue in the Face. On the other hand, he's the director of wildly successful, mainstream successes like The Joy Luck Club and Last Holiday. So far, so good, right? But hidden away in the resume are a couple of movies so bad they make you wonder if the good ones are just luck: ladies and gentlemen, Wayne Wang directed Maid in Manhattan. I know, I'd totally forgotten, too. He also made 1987's Slam Dance which, though no one has seen it but me, is one of those movies that's so weird and so terrible that it's actually fun to watch.

Wang's latest project, then, simply follows the totally unpredictable path his career has trod to this point: it's called Lowlifes, and is a "caper comedy." (What is a caper comedy, anyway? I haven't heard the word "caper" in about 40 years.) The screenplay, by first-timer Patty Sullivan, is about a housewife who "discovers she has a talent for burglary." So, based on what we've seen from Wang, Lowlifes is either going to be a laughable disaster or a triumph that leaves the whole world craving caper comedies. At this point, our guess is probably as good as his.
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