The Weinstein Company has picked up the North American rights to Lovewrecked, which you know rules because Lance Bass is one of its executive producers. That's right, it bears the coveted N*Sync stamp of approval. The movie is being described as a "family-oriented romantic comedy," and is about a teenage girl who somehow falls off a cruise ship with someone who happens to be her favorite rock star EVER! The pair - played by Amanda Bynes and the painfully bland Chris Carmack - end up together on a "deserted island," which is actually very close indeed to a resort. Because she totally loves the boy, however, Bynes' character keeps the fact that they're seconds from rescue from her captive rocker. Anyone want to bet that they fall in love?

I'm going to type this really quietly, but the movie sounds really cute to me. Fluffy as hell, but fun, and maybe even the dreaded "nice." I mean, how often do you get a romantic comedy that tells you up front (that whole "family-oriented" thing) that it's going to be sweet and innocent whether you like it or not? That's gotta win it some points, as does the fact that it was directed by one Randal Kleiser. Never heard of him? Me either, but he directed the John Travolta gems Grease and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Come on, people. What's not to love?
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