A paparazzi photographer accused by Reese Witherspoon of "battery and child endangerment" has been found dead. According to the wire story, the body of Todd Wallace was found in the photographer's Brentwood apartment by friends, although apparently "his identity couldn't be confirmed because of the state of the body" (decomposition? gunshot to the head? either way - shudder). Wallace was charged with six misdemeanors after a run in with the Witherspoon-Phillippe family at Disney's California Adventure theme park last September. Witherspoon was celebrating her daughter's sixth birthday with a group of young friends when Wallace approached and attempted to take pictures. When Witherspoon informed him that she didn't want the group to be photographed, Wallace flipped out. He allegedly shoved one child and hit another with a camera, then fought back when two park employess tried to restrain him, all the while shouting obscenities at the Oscar-nominated actress. There was a warrant out for Wallace's arrest, after he failed to show up at a bail hearing on the charges in December. The Witherspoon camp has not released any sort of comment.
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