Bringing to mind repressed images of a Street Fighter* game of yesteryear, Activision proudly presents the X-Men: The Movie: The Game!* Today Activision has unveiled an early look at their new movie-comic book-video game tie-in title, which you can scope out over at Comic Book Resources.  The new X-Men game will be unrelated to the recent successful Legend titles, and will instead work hand-in-hand with the film storyline, providing the story to fill the gap between the second and third movie installments. The gamer will have control of only three mutants (which seems like a paltry sum after the Legends games) - Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine. Again, we are reminded that this game will explain "Nightcrawler's mysterious absence from the movie," but we've discussed that issue already. You can get in on the action with your XBox 360, or go for a smaller version on either of Nintendo's handhelds- both of which will apparently have system exclusive characters.

I'm wary of movie to game plotlines, as many of you already know. The images from the game look flashy and fun enough- but of course they are going to, since they were hand-picked for impressiveness. I love Marvel title games, and will no doubt give this one a whirl - I just hope that it doesn't wind up like the Fantastic Four movie game title. However, this is a movie blog, and not really a video game blog, so I'm going to end my nerd analysis right there. If you haven't been around for any of our previous discussions on the wisdom of using a video game to fill in blockbuster movie plot points, or if you just feel the need to say voice your sage opinion again, please do.

*To be fair, Street Fighter: The Game: The Movie was an even weirder development, as we ended with a game based on a movie that was based on a game.

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