Alan RickmanI loved this article's description of this year's entries at the Berlin Film Festival as having no consistent theme except "a prevailing mood of harsh reality". Apparently, this year's lineup at the Fest is marked by " brutal murder, drug addiction, political corruption, exorcism and rape". In other words, it's a lot like the news - except that it stars Alan Rickman and Heath Ledger. Movies set to screen at Berlin include Candy, starring Ledger as a heroin addict; Snow Cake, starring Alan "Yes, My Voice is Delicious and No, I Won't Be Wearing a Freaking Cape in This One" Rickman, alongside co-star Sigourney Weaver; A Prairie Home Companion (which, unless I missed something, sports neither rape nor exorcism); and new flicks from Terence Malick and Roberto Benigni.

But, of course, audiences are flocking to the festival mostly for their dose of brutal murder. Sorry, Roberto. Perhaps if the concentration camp in Life is Beautiful hadn't looked so damn clean, you'd be allowed to hang out with the cool kids.
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