In what is presumably nothing more than a very creepy coincidence, a man who worked on over 100 Curious George shorts was killed this week, just days before the Curious George movie makes its debut. The body of Alan Shalleck was found in the driveway of his south Florida home, where it had been lying under garbage bags for a couple of days - neighbors who saw the bags simply thought they were looking at a pile of trash.

Over the course of his career, Shalleck worked on Curious George projects both on television and in print; in the latter medium, he collaborated with Margaret Rey, the character's co-creator, and the two produced a series of books. In his later years, though he stopped writing and animating, Shalleck was well-known for his work at local elementary schools, where he often read to students in an effort to get them interested in education.

No cause of death has yet been made public - in fact, police are still calling homicide only "a possibility," because apparently Floridians often drop dead concealed under garbage bags.

[via ALOTT5MA]
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