According to Hollywood Elsewhere, who spoke with Steven Spielberg's publicist Marvin Levy (a/k/a The son of God), the filmmaker's much-talked about Abraham Lincoln biopic is officially up in the air. The film, which was supposed to star Liam Neeson and begin shooting in just a few months, took an abrupt detour and landed in limbo land.

For those millions of teenage girls who adore Abe Lincoln, this news make come as a bit of a bummer. However, for you Indy 4 fanatics, Spielberg tossing this one aside may mean he's gearing up for a possible early start date with Indiana Jones and the Curse of 63-year-old Harrison Ford. Hmm, Indy or Abe? I wonder who would win in a fight?

Some feel the decision was made because Spielberg wanted to take some time off and wax his Oscars, though fans of the popular Indy franchise would like to view this as a sign of good things to come. Would any of you be drastically upset should honest Abe not get his big day in the spotlight? (Note to History Channel employees: I'm not asking you).


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