Someone at New Line apparently just remembered that sex sells, because they've decided that the best way to promote the forthcoming Running Scared is via a website game wherein you get to play Paul Walker's character and, well, orally pleasure his wife. Seriously. Despite the fact that the movie is "a crime [story] told in flashback, covering 18 hours...of bloodshed in New Jersey and New York" and not, in fact, a porn film, I suppose the vague promise of oral sex rarely fails to put some asses in the seats.

Sadly enough (or happily, depending on your perspective), however, the game seems to be down. If you're over 18, you can keep trying at the official site (knowing us web users, their server probably melted down), where you click "game" and then "mature content," and hope for the best. Otherwise, the good/demented people at AICN have a whole pile of screenshots up, so you can at least pretend that you did the deed.

If anyone actually cares about the movie - again, it's really not porn - it comes out in the US on February 24, and you can find links to a whole lot of clips here.

[via Defamer]
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